Boost enrollmentSave hundreds of hours

Clearly show the value of your college to prospective students and their parents with Tasseled Plans.

Save your advisors hundreds of hours during the degree planning process.

How it works

Start with the end in mind

We create personalized Tasseled plans that guide students through your community college to their desired four-year school while avoiding excess courses and cost.

Gathering degree requirements

We collect and verify major requirements, general education requirements, state requirements, course catalogs, and more to build Tasseled plans saving you hundreds of hours.

Creating the best path

We assemble the most affordable path to a dream degree by taking the most transferable courses and putting them in the right order while ensuring a plan's accuracy through a rigorous verification process.

Transfer more, save more

With our vast network of transfer tables and algorithm that connects them, we are able to recommend transfers that cannot be found elsewhere, saving your students more money.

Connect your students to universities across the nation

Due to proximity constraints, transfer students often face limited options when it comes to articulation agreements. Crossing state lines complicates matters, adding significant workload and research for advisors, while dramatically reducing the likelihood of successful credit transfer for students.

With Tasseled, you can confidently encourage your students to transfer to any school in our network, knowing that their credits will be preserved. Our transfer matching process goes beyond conventional options, creating new transfer opportunities and degree plans that were previously unavailable.

Leave the research and planning to us; allow your advisors to focus on advising.