Save thousandson your dream degree

Calculating your savings

The smartest path to a degree.

Same degree, lower cost

Tasseled plans saves students an average of $32,800 on their degree by recommending community college classes that transfer to their dream school.

Tasseled maximizes savings by selecting courses from the community college near you with the greatest savings potential. And our plans only recommend classes that will count towards your university degree, meaning you’ll never waste your time or money.

The info you want (and need)

Most college search and planning tools offer information that is irrelevant, outdated, or both.

Tasseled isn’t like most tools. Our plans supply you with all the information needed to make difficult decisions easy. And you can feel confident in your choices knowing our data is current to the latest academic year.

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Planning, made personal

In life, no two individuals share the same experience. This especially applies to one’s college journey.

That’s why we reject the cookie-cutter approach most services provide. Tasseled creates semester-by-semester academic plans that serve your unique circumstances, no matter where you start or where you want to go.

Starting is simple

Build a Tasseled plan

Create a path specific to your dream school, major, and location.

Take community college classes

Earn credits towards your degree at a fraction of the cost.

Transfer to your dream school

Complete any remaining courses to finish your degree.

Graduate with savings

Start your career without the stress of student debt!

Why we’re doing this

We’re a small team who struggled to navigate and pay for college. It was overwhelming, complicated, and expensive. There’s no reason why future students should have to go through the same experiences.

That’s why we built Tasseled, a tool that does all the research and planning for you. By leveraging community college courses, Tasseled saves students thousands on their dream degrees, making it the smartest way to get an education.

It didn’t take us long to realize the potential impact Tasseled could have on the student debt crisis. Since then, it’s been our mission to help students earn their dream degrees while eliminating student debt at scale, and it’s a mission we hope to advance with the right partners.

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