Save thousandson your dream degree

Calculating your savings

How it works

Create a custom college plan

Choose from more affordable college courses in your area

Take college courses

Earn transfer credits toward your dream degree

Apply to your dream school

Follow your custom college plan to prepare and apply for your transfer

Save thousands of dollars

Get the degree you want from your dream school

Transferring is the better way to earn your degree

Transfer credits earned at a community college cost 65% less per credit on average than at a 4-year school.

Transfer students are twice as likely to be accepted to a 4-year school than incoming first-year students.

But, transferring can be complicated to navigate on your own. You have to research schools, coordinate with advisors, and try to figure out if your credits will transfer all while keeping track of application requirements and due dates.

That’s where Tasseled comes in. We do all of the research and planning to create a full college plan just for you. Our plans are designed to save you thousands on your degree. And we make sure the credits you earn will be accepted.

Why we’re doing this

We’re all taught the value of a college education, but college isn’t affordable or accessible for most students.

We understand how out of reach it can feel because we’ve been there. We’re a small team who struggled to navigate and pay for college. It was overwhelming, complicated, and expensive. But it doesn’t have to be.

We started Tasseled so that everyone can get their dream degree from their dream school. It’s the tool we wish we had, and we hope it helps you get the quality education you deserve.