Eliminating student debt.Permanently.

Calculating your savings

Everybody wins with Tasseled.

Students and parents

Save an average of $32,800 on your degree with Tasseled.

Many colleges are 2x as likely to accept transfer students vs first-year students.

Reduce the stress of college planning.

Avoid common mistakes (registering for the wrong classes, loss of credit when transferring, etc).

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High schools

Help students and parents budget for college with complete price transparency.

Easily provide dual-enrollment pathways to students.

Boost counseling capabilities (current national average student to counselor ratio is 385:1).

Improve college matriculation and graduation rates.

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Community colleges

Easily communicate to prospective students why your college is the right place to start their education.

Improve student success (transfer credit mobility, retention rates, etc).

Turn counseling into true 1-on-1 guidance by saving your advising staff thousands of hours in degree plan creation.

Improve college success metrics (enrollment, transfer acceptance, etc).

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Create a new, affordable option for first-year students by offering Tasseled plans.

Future-proof your institution by building a sustainable transfer pipeline.

Improve student success (graduation rates, time-to-degree, etc).

More transfer pathways lead to more students.

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Make your state a leader in the elimination of student-debt.

Save your constituents billions on college.

Improve systemic metrics (postsecondary enrollment rate, persistence rate, graduation rates, etc).

Eliminate wasted government-backed scholarship dollars due to common mistakes (credit loss, wrong classes, etc).

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