Eliminating student debt.Permanently.

Calculating your savings

How we create a Tasseled plan

Vertically integrate

We constantly collect degree requirements, course catalogs, pricing, and transfer data to ensure everything is up to date.

Clean data

We apply advanced algorithms to find and correct errors in the source data making it more accurate than what institutions have themselves.

Pick and replace courses

Our algorithm picks the right classes required for a selected degree, and then finds the correct replacements at a local community college.

Sequence and price a plan

We take the replaced courses and build a semester-by-semester plan with prices, showing students how to save thousands on their degree.

Tasseled is the smartest way to plan for college

Community college courses are typically less than half the cost of in-state universities and a staggering 7.3 times cheaper than out-of-state universities offering the same courses.

Students are 2x more likely to get accepted as transfer applicants vs first-year applicants.

Tasseled plans save students $32,800 on average and hundreds of hours of research and planning.

Why we’re doing this

We faced a lot of problems when we were in college: accumulating debt, receiving key information too late, admissions rejections, not knowing what classes to take and when to take them, losing credit when transferring, and more.

Experiencing any one of these problems is gutting, yet the reality is that most students endure many of these problems. That’s why Tasseled exists. Tasseled shows you everything you need to know to navigate college in the smartest way possible, so you can achieve the life you want. It’s the tool we wish we had, and the one we’re excited to offer you.

Of all the hardships students face, student debt, ironically branded as financial aid, is the most damaging. You already know that. But however obvious as that may be, its ability to affect your life should not be understated.

That’s why the best plan is to have as little debt as possible. Currently, students who choose to take on financial “aid” owe an average of $33,717. We aim to eliminate that. And while this may seem an impossible goal, our results show that it is well within reach:

Tasseled plans already save students an average of $32,800, which reduces that average debt to a mere $917.

And as proud as we are of our savings, make no mistake: we’re just getting started.