About Tasseled

We want to live in a world where everyone can access the education and opportunities they deserve, regardless of background or financial ability.

Whether we’re helping students create clear degree paths or tackling challenges at a systemic level, our goal is to make college affordable. And we’re just getting started.

Our story

Founders Vipul Patel and Nelson Huang smiling and wearing suits, caps, and red gowns at their Boston University graduation.

When Vipul Patel was a college student, he transferred to Boston University and discovered he had a full semester of credits that wouldn’t transfer. He was devastated. Not only would he have to spend months retaking courses, but it was going to cost him thousands of dollars. So he came up with a solution.

Vipul wrote a course-matching algorithm to prove the courses he took at his previous college should be accepted as transfer credits. The tool was so effective that he successfully appealed the university’s original decision and helped other transfer students do the same. When Vipul was able to save one friend nearly $80,000 on their degree, he realized how much of a difference this tool could make.

After graduating on-time, Vipul dedicated himself to turning this tool into a service that would help as many students as possible.

He founded Tasseled and formed a passionate team of people who each share a similar story. We’re backed by seasoned investors and determined to make college accessible and affordable for all students.

Our advisors

Phil Libin smiling with short curly brown and gray hair, black round glasses, and light gray jacket.

Phil Libin

Co-founder and CEO

of All Turtles and mmhmm

How we make money

We are privately funded and independent so we can provide Tasseled to you for free. There’s no catch. We won’t sell your personal information or try to sell you things you don’t need. We just want to change things for the better.

We’ll explore ways to make money in the future that allow us to keep Tasseled affordable or free for everyone. Helping you afford your education is our only priority and we will always be upfront about how we make money.

If you’d like to support us, we only ask that you use Tasseled and let us know how we can make it the best tool for saving students money.